Meet The Coral Gardeners

In 2017, our project was born on Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. We started as a small group of island kids who were witnessing the rapid degradation of the coral reef around us and decided to take action.

We are Coral Gardeners


It all started in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the island of Moorea. Here, coral reefs shape our lives below and above the surface of the ocean.
We owe them everything: from every single wave we surf to every bite of food we eat and every breath of air we take.

How we save The reef

Mission 01

Reef restoration

What it is

We are restoring damaged reef areas which have suffered from the direct effects of climate change and human-made threats. We are creating hope for coral reefs. We use several techniques to grow super corals before replanting them onto damaged areas of the reef. Our scientists are always focused on continuous improvement, monitoring the growth and health of the corals in our nurseries and transplanted areas We want to empower you to act for the reef, wherever you are.

Our vision

We are creating a scalable model that will allow us to increase and accelerate our impact around the world. With our community's support, we are building new tools and ocean technologies that improve our reef restoration techniques and create fun, immersive experiences for you and the people you love. We plan on expanding our local network of restoration sites in French Polynesia and create a program to open locations internationally.

Super Corals

Our definition: corals that have survived a bleaching event in the wild and should keep on spawning. Our restoration team is growing super coral species in order to build stronger reefs.

The Team


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Cristina Mittermeier


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Guillaume Nery

Free diver

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Alexis Ren


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Nash Grier


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Jack Johnson


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Mareva Galanter

Ex-miss France

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Vaimalama Chaves

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