The Only Animal That Has Built A Structure Visible From Space

Coral Reefs support the world


of marine life call coral reefs their home, while covering less than 1% of the ocean floor.


Scientists estimate that 50-80% of the oxygen produced on Earth comes from the ocean and organisms such as the symbiotic algae living inside corals.


people worldwide directly rely on the reef for food, income, coastal protection and more.


is generated each year by tourism directly related to coral reefs.

Coral Reefs are dying

Here’s why…

When the seawater temperature rises, it upsets the symbiosis between the coral polyp and the algae that nourishes it. Just like when you get a fever, the polyp fights back by expelling the algae, leaving the coral deprived from its main source of food. The coral slowly starves and turns white as a result, exposing its bright mineral skeleton. Not all is lost: if the water temperature gets back to normal, the coral can survive. If not, it will die. The warmer our climate gets, the more stressed our coral reefs become, and ultimately disappear forever.

But there Is a way to Change the Tide!

Super corals might just hold the key to create a reef ready to take on the future. These corals have proven to survive rising water temperatures and bleaching events in the ocean, and should go on to spawn.